This is about the Odyssey jailbreak that will be released soon and probably will be open-source that works with iOS 13 ios firmware. As you probably know the cool star has been teasing it for a long time the Odyssey jailbreak with his Odyssey set up on twitter.

CoolStar Odyssey Jailbreak iOS 13 Setup

It’s not something very different from what we have right now which is unc0ver and checkra1n but the tihmstar is on board apparently and he posted back on 9th of July, the tweet is below.

TihmStar Odyssey Jailbreak Video

It looks a little bit like Chimera jailbreak, probably its the next version of the Chimera jailbreak. It’s kind of the same design and looks a little bit the same as the Chimera. but the Odyssey jailbreak works with iOS 13. Below is their official Twitter, there you see the Odyssey Jailbreak and apparently it’s also going to be available in AltStore to download.

Odyssey’s Jailbreak official Twitter Handle

Altstore (here is the step by step installation process of AltStore)you probably know already. It’s the same tool that we use to install IPA files and even the unc0ver jailbreak at this point.

But the difference is that it’s going to use libhooker apparently. They do have plans to open source it. This is the biggest selling point of this jailbreak that is going to be open source and you will be able to basically take a peek of the components its going to use Libhooker which is a little bit better.

But people already got a taste of the Odyssey jailbreak because they basically released a couple of packages that allow you to combine their Odyssey stuff with checkra1n. However, many people who installed it said it’s better, so there will be new jailbreak.

They do have tihmstar on board he created a helix jailbreak and he is also on board on this Odyssey jailbreak so it may be okay.

Should you switch to Odyssey Jailbreak?

Visit Tech Acrobat to see if you should switch to this jailbreak, and how to download odyssey jailbreak once released.